How could you implement microservices in practice with Node.js, Docker πŸš€ in Azure with πŸ’ͺ Bicep power ⁉ πŸ€”

Hello #CloudMarathoner community!

Recently, I have been asked for a reference on how to implement a microservices architecture from code to production, using an open-source stack with Azure.

Node.js Microservices Workshop

I am really glad to discover and test the following workshop >> Microservices in practice with Node.js, Docker and Azure.

In this workshop, you will build a complete application including a website with authentication and 3 microservices, deploy it to Azure using a CI/CD pipeline, monitor and tune the scaling of our services, and use log tracing to debug issues.

And yes, all that is done without needing to use Kubernetes while using the #AzureBicep πŸ’ͺ for #infrastructureascode (IaC) and deployment!

πŸ’‘ Check the details in theΒ GitHubΒ repo πŸ‘‰Β #sharingiscaring ❀️

Alternative Approach

This workshop approach is one of many ways to get started with Node.js Microservices in Azure. But, I am interested to hear from you.

What is your preferred way to implement microservices in Azure ⁉ πŸ€”
Please, share your feedback πŸ’¬ in the comments or in the following LinkedIn post.

In Summary

I hope you will enjoy this reference architecture and the @GitHub code repo. More importantly, you got a chance to learn something new. Hopefully, you’ll be able to take this knowledge back to your projects and improve your solutions.


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