Are you ready to transform IT Operations ๐Ÿš€ with AI and earn an exam voucher โ‰๐Ÿค”

Hello Cloud Marathoners!

Hope everyone is doing well, and survived the March madness ๐Ÿ™‚

As you might be aware, our #CloudMarathoner duo (Elkhan & Martin) teamed up and rolled the sleeved to prepare two unique sessions on how to get started with IT + AI = AIOps.

Check out the LinkedIn post for the session details!

These sessions don’t require any prior knowledge of AI, what you need is just interest to get started with fundamentals and start learning.

In the second session below, we covered the process, terminology and future of transforming IT operations with AI for DevOps. This session will help you in building your own organizational roadmap in revolutionizing DevOps for your mission.

Please. check out the recorded session below and let us know your feedback on the LinkedIn post. Thank you !!!

#AzureSpringClean 2023 event speaker submission is accepted ๐ŸŽ‰

Hello Cloud Marathoners!

I am really excited and happy to see my session is accepted โœ… for this year’s #AzureSpringClean2023 event ๐ŸŽ‰

What is Azure Spring Clean?

The Azure Spring Clean 2023 is an event that promotes well-managed Azure tenants. In order to achieve this goal, organizers encourage the cloud community professionals to create articles that highlight best-practices, and lessons learned, and help with some of the more difficult topics of Azure Management.

Session details

Join me this March, to learn and explore ๐Ÿ” how to organize Azure Security Services using the IaC approach with Azure Bicep.

We will look into how you could declaratively define and deploy your Azure security resources including Azure Policies to tackle real-world business problems. Thus, get yourself ready for simple yet powerful demos that will turn you into a hero.

In Summary

I would highly encourage everyone to join this event and learn best practices on Azure this spring!

 ๐Ÿ“Œ Check out the post details on LinkedIn platform ๐Ÿ‘

New episode on “What you need to know about Azure Bicep configurations?”

Hello, dear community friends!  

As I mentioned in a previous post, we are in a festive December month with a great event!
The Festive Tech Calendar is in a full swing and presents new sessions to everyone, every day.

If you missed my live session, No problem. I have recorded it and you can re-watch it ๐Ÿ™‚

Check this session below, if you want to learn important things on how to configure your Azure Bicep environment and use Azure security resources with them!

Direct link to the YouTube video:


Please, let me know if you have any questions, and feel free to DM me onย @LinkedIn orย @Twitter!

Microsoft Ignite 2022 is open for registrations as a Hybrid event!

Hello, my Cloud Marathoner friends!

Are you ready for the Microsoft Ignite 2022?
This is an annual signature event for developer and IT professionals hosted by Microsoft. As usually, there would be many new Microsoft and Azure announcements in this upcoming conference.

How to register for Microsoft Ignite?

The registration for this event is #free. Yes, it is indeed free for digital attendees, and you can do it below:

Ignite 2022


I hope you will register and book your calendar for this fantastic event, and explore the latest innovations, learn from product experts and partners, level up your skillset, and create connections from around the world.

Azure Back to School sessions are coming in September 2022

Hello friends,

This week we are having an official start of the #AzureBacktoSchool event. This is a unique event geared toward upskilling the community with Azure skills during the September month.

What Azure back to School is about?

It is organized by Derek Smith and Dwayne Natwick for #cloudcomunity and you can check the daily schedule here:ย

On the first day of the event, we will have my session featured for everyone who is trying to become a Microsoft Azure Architect, and actively studying for the exams.


Posted on LinkedIn Platform

my Upcoming sessions

We have both of our sessionsย accepted for this great event. Where we will have the following sessions:

September 1 : Getting you ready for Microsoft Azure Architect (AZ-305) exam!


As you might know, there have been a number of changes in Microsoft Azure Architect exam from the beginning of 2022. And it might be troublesome to get ready for this exam with all the digital distractions around us.

However, in this lightning talk, I will be sharing bits and tips on how to focus on the AZ-305 Designing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions exam objectives and help you to prepare.

I will share both official and community learning resources that will boost your knowledge, and hopefully help you pass this important exam with confidence.
In addition, I will also share tips and tricks on how to be laser focused and fit on the day of exam.

Azure Bicep session details

The next session on September 17th is all about “What is new in Azure Bicep language?”


The Azure Bicep language brings a new Infrastructure as a Code (IaC) approach to manage your Azure resources in a clean way. We also have a classic ARM JSON template that traditionally is used to define Azure infrastructure resources in a declarative way.

However, it is not easy to author and maintain ARM JSON templates when your project grows in complexity. But, good news is – the Azure Bicep is created to simplify management of your infrastructure while reusing code.

In the demo section of my session, I will introduce new features and capabilities of Azure Bicep. I will demonstrate how it is simple to create, manage a modularized Azure infrastructure-as-code, while using familiar tools.


Thank you for stopping by and checking the announcement.
I will upload those session videos into the #CloudMarathone YouTube channel soon.

Presenting at GIRA ONLINE SPEAKERS LATAM 2022 on Azure Bicep tips and tricks

Hello Cloud Marathoners,

This week, I am presenting at GIRA ONLINE SPEAKERS LATAM 2022 event.
It is one of the largest technology events that is made available to all of Latin America and Microsoft communities.

Please, check the following LinkedIn post where I made announcementsย about this session.

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My session is focused on a brief introduction to IaC with Azure Bicep and Productivity tips for setting your infrastructure-as-code on your VS Code environment.

recorded session:

The Azure Bicep – Productivity tips session has been published on YouTube channel.

Please, check it out and let me know your feedback.

Thank you for following the #CloudMarathner journey!

Are you ready to start your Bicep transformation journey in Azure?

Hello friends,

I am getting ready bits and pieces of the presentation and demo code for the #GlobalAzure 2021 event.

This is going to be my second year in a row, presenting at this global event, and I am pumped to contribute with two new sessions this year.

Feel free to check out the details of each session and links here .

Session banner for upcoming presentation on Global Azure 2021

WHY bother to transfrom your exising Azure ARM templates into Bicep?

  • Easy to understand and maintain code for your Azure infrastructure
  • Day zero support for all resource types & API versions
  • Nice transparent abstractionย for the underlying platform
  • Awesome Tooling โ€“ VS Code extension for Bicep
  • Deep integration with other Azure Services
  • Preflight validation โ€“ both Bicep/ARM does preflight validation on entire template
  • Provides high level of confidence that your code is ‘syntactically valid’ before deploying
  • Support โ€“ starting from v.03, Bicep is 100% supported by Microsoft Support Plans

This time, I am looking forward to share level 200 talk and demos, where we will ALL deep dive into challenges of transforming exisiting ARM templates into Azure Bicep.

We will inspect the ARM JSON decompiler, which comes with Azure Bicep and how to make it work your way.

Stay tunes, i hope to see you all during the event!