Welcome to the cloud marathoner blog!

Primary purpose of the blog is to reflect personal perspective on cloud learning journey and help community members. I view this journey as a marathon because learning about cloud never ends and helping your community get together is our continues duty #1.

Most importantly, I hope, sharing tech and cloud stories will ignite your interest to be a better #CloudMarathoner in long run, and the fastest way to achieve success is to first help others succeed! #SharingIsCaring❤️

This year, I am targeted to raise funds and provide 10 exam vouchers to minority groups and #WomenInTech. Please reach out, if you would like to become a #CloudMarathoner, contribute and thrive your community.

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Little info about the author

I am a software architect, trainer and dad with experience in enterprise healthcare systems and healthcare Data and/or API standards (HL7 FHIR, EDI X12, etc).
I am an active MCT and a member of Microsoft Tech Community, Cloud Lunch and Learn and an Azure Crazy guy 🙂

My motto is #SharingIsCaring❤️